Is your business REMOTE Ready?

Is your business Remote Ready? With the Corona Virus pandemic and its effect on the economy and New Zealand business and people this is a critical time to be prepared with your business. 

With a slowing economy the risk of staff loss through sickness you have to ask is your business prepared for this challenging time. Can your business still operate with the potential risks we are facing.

With the tourism industry being closed down and bars / retail and spaces of group gatherings all being restricted your business is required to keep functioning and you will want to reduce the amount of impact in this scenario.

So we have thought ahead and rather than waiting for the worse we have come up with some solutions to keep your staff safe and your business rolling along and it doesn’t involve stocking up on toilet paper and hand sanitiser.

We have prepared some frequently asked questions to guide you along in this time and for further information on having your business Remote Ready – our team at SmashingIT are ready to provide the solutions to ready your business to keep on moving.

What is being REMOTE ready?

Being remote ready is having your staff and business mobile – so that you aren’t dependent on using a centralized office space. This means staff can work from home and your business can receive orders for products online to minimize the amount of distruption to your business and reduces the amount of contact staff have with other people to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus.

Why do I need to be prepared?

With the changing risk management for the Coronavirus it is important to adapt. With the risk of schools being closed down and the chances of staff contracting the Coronavirus and having to self isolate its important to be prepared and lower this risk from a business perspective. This is to reduce and manage the impact the virus will have personally on your business operation.

Why do I not just wait till a staff member is sick?

The virus is highly contagious and a lot of offices, especially in small business setups have a close knit team of admin and office staff working in close proximity. So just like in flu season you get one ill person coming in and increasing the risk to other staff it is better to separate the staff and allow staff to remotely work from home. Also if a staff member has children who have their school temporarily shut down it will be an easier transition for this period for them to manage the health and well being of their family as well as being able to maintain their work responsibilities.

How do I prepare for the retail and customer facing sales impact that is starting to show nationally?

If you haven’t already then going digital with your business is a requirement. With Smashing Webshops we can have your business’s main products available for sale online within a few days. That way your customers are able to purchase and have your products delivered direct to their house. Especially those people in other companies who are working remote or looking after children they will be looking dominantly to purchase direct online from businesses rather than going to malls and other higher risk of getting sick areas.

How can Smashing Promotions / Smashing IT help?

Smashing IT has a proven history in providing best fit solutions for businesses to ensure redundancy plans and technical solutions to make sure that your business operates at its highest level while making sure we provide cost effective and time saving solutions. Our aftercare is highly rated. Your not put through a faceless service desk you get ground level support from experienced techs who know your business and setup as well as supporting you quickly and hassle free.

During this time we are offering a special service to the North & North West Auckland businesses in analyzing your business requirements and providing a solution so that your staff can work remote. We can tailor your existing technology and update it to be Remote ready so your staff have email access, file access and even can look at phone setups to make sure that your business no matter where the staff are operating has a seamless appearance and keeps communication and availability the same as if you were in the office without the risk of spreading this virus.

We also offer Webshops so if your business has a product it sells from its show room then we can have a webshop ready in a very short time so that your product is on offer to anyone on a computer, tablet or mobile phone and in a short time that none of our competitors can achieve. All while being on our own in-house proprietary webshop system we have custom built. 

Contact us today and we can discuss your requirements and what available solutions we can provide.


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What Our Customers Say

We worked with Smashing Promotions and Smashing IT to create made-to-order pop up merch stores. Doing things made-to-order kept our costs down, and meant we could one-off special designs for our listeners. Smashing handled all the ordering, payments, and production. Jared from Smashing IT was available to handle any questions or issues we had with the shop, and was super helpful. I'd recommend working with Smashing Promotions and Smashing IT - so much so that we're about to do a summer merch run with them.
Caitlin Mcilhagga
95 bFM
We were after a website that allowed our clientele to customise our products, as well as deliver a seamless retail experience. Every site builder we approached said no, too hard. Then we met Mark and Jared, they said yes!. Not only that, they delivered on time, on budget, and on song. Friendly, helpful with a can do attitude!. I highly recommend Smashing IT for your next website
Ian Blackwell
Ian Blackwell Ltd
We engaged Smashing Promotions to completely revamp our outdated website. Smashing Promotions service from Concept to finished product has been outstanding, they have remained flexible to our needs and understanding of how long some of the decisions took us to make. In the end they have delivered us a new Website we are proud of at the original quoted price.
Mike Baker
After opening a business and being really busy with initial set up, the last thing I wanted to do was deal with computers, along with web and email setup. (It's not my jam) Jared and the team at Smashing made it so easy for me to just hand everything over and get everything sorted. now I have continued support just a phone or text away and it makes running that side of the business so much easier and stress free for me! Thanks guys, love you work! 👌🏻
Precious Pipis

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Recent Works

Ian Blackwell

Ian Blackwell’s new shop enabled website with product customisation. Beautiful NZ products.       


WaterFX required a updated website – We provided a beautiful modern site to replace their current one.

Precious Pipis

Precious Pipis Childcare Centre new 2019 website. Upgraded to service their new centres and enrolments

Scouts 2019 Jamboree

For Scouts NZ we supplied the official merch shop for the jamboree attendees to order their 2019 limited edition shirt.      

Carlton Juniors Rugby

Smashing Webshop Carlton Junior Players & Family to order their team merchandise easily online.

95bFM Merch Shop

Official 95bFM merch shop for their 50th Anniversary promotion of bFM Gold. Limited edition run apparel.


HopeSeeds the NZ charity supporting the Monarch and NZ Children. Website and Facebook.

Kaukapakapa School

Kaukapakapa School needed a new website for the new year that was easier to manage and interact with the parents.

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Smashing Threads is a custom built online store for uploading your own images for printing onto t-shirts.

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